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Bernard Bayle

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@IHU de Strasbourg
Bernard BAYLE
IHU de Strasbourg, RDH/ICube
1, place de l'Hôpital
67091 Strasbourg Cedex, FRANCE
Tel. : +33 3 90 41 35 46


Researcher in the Robotics, Data science and Heathcare technologies research team (formerly Automatic control, computer Vision and Robotics) of the ICube laboratory and deputy head of the team. I am also the coordinator of the HealthTech Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute. My current research activities are dedicated to physical human-robot interactions, with robot assistance to medical interventions as the main application field.

PhD supervision


Professor at Télécom Physique Strasbourg, I am in charge of the Innovative track on Medical Diagnostics and Treatments (DTMI) of the IT for HealthCare specialization. I teach the following courses:

  • 1A, TIS1A - Control of continuous systems, Mechatronics
  • TIS2A DTMI/HealthTech - Haptics
  • 3A ISAV/AR - Mobile Robotics, Actuators Technology
  • TIS3A DTMI/HealthTech - Robotics, Robot-Assisted Interventions

All courses available from Moodle@Unistra, or some documents following the link here.