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The three scientific themes of the team highlight its interdisciplinarity, and allow reflecting the variety of disciplines that interact within the team. It emphasizes research recognized at the best international level, in particular in medical robotics and data science for health:

  • Medical Robotics and Interventional Imaging gathers the historical activities of the team in the field of robotic assistance to minimally invasive medical and surgical procedures, and, beyond, around methodological and clinical developments in interventional radiology.
  • Learning, Modelling and Data Science gathers the activities of the team around artificial intelligence (AI), biomechanical simulation and measurement and evaluation methods, pursued both independently and in synergy, as simulation can be used to generate data for learning.
  • Complex systems and parsimony gathers activities around the control of complex systems, with an evolution over the period aiming at taking into account parsimony as an issue for the control but also for the mechatronics design of robots.

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ARC needle
Caption 2
Image-based estimation of the critical view of safety in cholecystectomy
Robotic needle insertion with finite element simulation in the control loop
Climatology Drone
Street Art Drone