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Associate Professor in Medical Robotics
Télécom Physique Strasbourg / ICUBE

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 2021: Habilitation to direct research (HDR) (defended on Sept. 7, electronic document) (Rev.: A. Menciassi, P. Poignet, J.Szewczyk, Pres. J. Troccaz)
  • Since 2020: Head of IRMC and Healthtech Master tracks of IRIV Master
  • 2019: Internal transfer to Telecom Physique Strasbourg (Engineering school)
  • 2018-2020: Expert in the Health technology committee (CES 19) of French National Research Funding Agency (ANR)
  • 2006: Recruited as Associate Pr. at University of Strasbourg (formerly Louis Pasteur University)
  • 2005: PhD from Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, in Medical Robotics under the supervision of M. de Mathelin.
  • 2000: Master in Photonics, Image and Cybernetics, ULP, Strasbourg. Intern at the Center for Distributed Robotics at the University of Minnesota, under the direction of N. Papanikolopoulos
  • 2000: Engineering diploma from ENSPS shool, Strasbourg. Major in robotics.


  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Healthtech Interdisciplinary thematic Institute
  • Scientific manager of Medical axis in national robotic equipment platform (TIRREX)
  • Head of the Healthtech track of IRIV master , funded by Healthtech ITI
  • Head of the IRMC track of IRIV master hosted by Telecom Physique Strasbourg (M1 IMed / M2 IRMC)
  • Referent for Alumni for the engineering school, responsible of yearly poll by the "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles" on former students professional future


Associate Professor at Université de Strasbourg, attached to Télécom Physique Strasbourg, (engineering school) since February 2019 (previously at the Physics and engineering department). I mainly teach medical robotics and computer vision for student in engineering at Télécom Physique Strasbourg, mainly at the master 2 level. I also teach automatic control at the Bachelor and Master level for student in the Physics and Engineering department. .


In Telecom Physique Strasbourg

Healthtech Master and Third year TIS DTMI (M2 level),

  • CAMI in digestive surgery
  • Computer vision for medical robotics (pose estimation, robotic registration and visual servoing)


  • Registration in medical robotics.

TPS, Second year and M1 IRIV

  • Tutorials on OpenCV
  • Computer vision course (mosaicking, reconstruction of planar objects)

In Physics and engineering department of University of Strasbourg

Electronic systems and Mechatronics Bachelor (Third year)

  • Tutorials and hands-on in continuous-time systems control

Micro and Nano Electronics Master (First year)

  • Course, tutorials and hands-on in discrete-time systems control

Past lectures

TPS FIP Third year

  • Medical robotics course

Summer school on Surgical Robotics in Montpellier

  • Tutorial on visual servoing applied to medical robotics, given during the 10th Summer School on Surgical Robotics, on September 2021. Link to the summer school webpage


My research is driven by medical applications where robotics and computer vision can be useful for improving the capabilities of surgeons. In the past years, I have been especially interested in the development of robotic solutions based on cable-driven flexible instruments and endoscopes (STRAS system) and in the use of images (endoscopic white light and OCT) to guide robotic motions (ROBOT project).

  • PhD theses supervision (defended theses)
    • Paul Mondou (with Jonathan Vappou, Anthony Novell and Benoit Larrat (CEA Neurospin)), partly funded by CAMI Labex, defended on December 2023, "Intelligent control of microbubbles cavitation through the skull for optimizing US therapies"
    • Thibault Poignonec (with Nabil Zemiti (LIRMM) and Bernard Bayle, funded by CAMI Labex), defended on May 3 2023: Shared control for minimally invasive surgery
    • Guiqiu Liao (with Michalina Gora, Benoit Rosa and Diego Dall'Alba (University of Verona, Italy)), defended on January 16 2023
    • Gaelle Thomas, defended in October 2021, with J. Vappou and L. Barbé (Robotic Assistance to Blood-Brain barrier opening with focused ultrasounds), in the scope of ANR project 3BOPUS led by CEA - Neurospin (B. Larrat)
    • Rafael Aleluia Porto, defended on January 2021 (Learning-based control of flexible endoscopes, partly funded by CAMI labex)
    • Oscar Caravaca Mora, defended in February 2020 (Development of steerable OCT catheterfor endoscopic applications)
    • Laure-Anaïs Chanel, defended in March 2016 (Robotic HIFU treatments under ultrasounds imaging, funded by CAMI labex)
    • Paolo Cabras, defended in février 2016 : 3D Pose Estimation of Continuously Deformable Instruments in Robotic Endoscopic Surgery (funded by CAMI labex): manuscript
    • Antonio De Donno, defended in December 2013 (Assistance à la chirurgie endoluminale et à trocart unique)
    • Bérengère Bardou, defended in November 2011 (Développement et commande d'un système robotique pour l'assistance à la chirurgie transluminale)
    • Laurent Ott, defended in November 2009 (compensation de mouvements physiologiques en endoscopie flexible). Prix de thèse de l'UDS.
  • Theses in progress:
    • Guillaume Lods (with Benoit Rosa and Bernard Bayle), since October 2021
    • Valentina Scarponi (with Stéphane Cotin, funded by Healthtech), since October 2021
    • Mahdi Chaari, (MSII Doctoral school PhD thesis), since October 2023
    • Guilherme Correia, (with Jonathan Vappou, funded by Healthtech and TechnoFUS joint lab), since October 2023
  • Co-supervisions:
    • Fernando Gonzalez Herrera, (with Benoit Rosa, Gianni Borghesan and Emmanuel Vander Poorten (KUL)) since February 2020

  • Recent Master students
    • Giorgia Baldazzi (2024)
    • Adnan Saood (2022)
    • Tania Olmo Fajardo (2022)
    • Edgard Weissrock (2022)
    • François Lavieille (2021)
    • Thibault Poignonec (2019)
    • Xuan Thao Ha (2018)
    • Mohamed Amine Falek (2017)

Research interests

  • Robotic Assistance to flexible endoscopy, STRAS project
  • Vision-based control for medical instruments
  • Estimation through vision
  • Trajectory planning
  • Cable-driven robotic systems
  • Image-based registration


  • FUS-Cobot (2023-2025), led by Axilum Robotics with ICube as scientific partner: Development of robotic solutions for FUS-induced neuro-stimulation, funded by Fondation FORCE
  • ALLEGRO-HM Endoscopic procedures guided by hyperspectral imaging
  • 3BOPUS (2018-2021) Robotic Assistance to Blood-Brain Barrier opening with Focused Ultrasounds, funded by ANR, led by CEA Neurospin
    • PhD thesis of Gaelle Thomas and Paul Mondou
  • ProteCT (2012-2016), 36 monthes, led by B. Bayle (AVR-ICube), partners: IHU Strasbourg, Siemens, funded by ARC fundation,

Development of a robot for positioning and inserting needles in non vascular interventional radiology.


Invited talks

  • Course on visual servoing at Summer School on Surgical Robotics (since 2011).
  • French-Belgian days of medical robotics in Brussels « Robotic assistance to intraluminal surgery for colorectal cancer treatment », June 14,15 2018
  • Rhenane association of Gastroenterology, 12/15/2018 : « Robotique en endoscopie : où en est-on en 2018 ? »
  • Plenary talk at Journées Nationales de la Recherche en Robotique organized by GDR robotique, oct. 2019, « Continuum robotics for intraluminal surgery – Towards safe and efficient minimally invasive surgery »

Personal area

Seattle, WA (ICRA 2015)

Downtown from Lake Union
Welcome Dinner at the Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum
North view from Columbia Center

Tokyo (Medical robotics seminar at the french embassy)

Asakusa Shrine
Tokyo from Sunshine60
Shibuya by night

Texas (Computational Surgery 2011)

San Antonio Riverside
Texas Medical Center Houston

Minneapolis, MN (EMBC09)

Downtown Minneapolis
The largest Mall in the USA
Lake Calhoun)

Japan (Icra09, Kobe)

Kyoto - Kinkaku-Ji
Kobe in sunlight
... and at night

Scottsdale, AZ (Biorob08)

Scottsdale at sunset
The "Sun Valley" viewed from "Camel Moutain"
The "best student" rest

California (Icra08, pasadena)

Flock of Sealions
Spare vehicules
Santa Barbara

Beijing (Iros06)

Summer Palace
Turtle soup
The Great Wall in Grande muraille in mist

Ontario (visit by MDRobotics september 06)

Niagara falls
Toronto from CN tower
CN tower, Toronto

San Diego (Medical Imaging 05)

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Balboa park
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Dolphins in open sea

Chicago (Cars04)

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